Highest form of purity and desirelessness

Post date: Jan 19, 2012 11:26:08 PM

We start a journey to fulfill our desires. We worship God so that we can get something in return. All relations, job, study, hunger for knowledge, love... almost everything that we do is a function of some desire we wish to fulfill (at least we all start for that only).

But it is surprising how these desires vanish to 'nothing' as we get better and better in what we do. We want a practical output only until we don't love it or until we realize it in its highest form of purity!

For example Love-like a mother's love to her child! or realizing the truth about God. The closer you get to achieving it lesser, you want something of any material benefit or, for that matter anything! The same way you fall in love depending on many factors, but once you move up (or fall deeper ) ... you just love... without even thinking of why you are doing it. After that, we do something just for pure pleasure... or maybe just satisfaction.. highest form of human satisfaction, or happiness.

That is the kind of thing we do... without caring about results... ! about what Krishna said in Geeta.

So if one day I meet God, if he/she exists. All I will ask for is (if at all): 'Sit down buddy! let's discuss.' :)