Happy Republic Day

Post date: Jan 26, 2011 1:54:03 PM

I remember the childhood days when we used to write nice speeches. When I was in class 9th, I wrote these lines in my speech.

‎"मैं सोचता हूँ अगर मुझे कोई स्वराज परिभाषित करने को कहे तो मैं क्या कहूँगा? फिर मुझे ख्याल आता है किष्किंधाकाण्ड रचते तुलसीदास का. जब वे वर्षा ऋतु का वर्णन कर रहे होंगे और एक से बढ़कर उपमाओं के ढेर लगा रहे होंगे तब स्वराज के नाम पर उन्हें एक ही बात याद आई. उन्होंने लिख दिया 'जस सुराज खल उद्यम गयऊ'. अगर इसे ही परिभाषा मान लें तो क्या हम..?"

I was selected for the speech on republic day in my school. I knew there were better speakers in my class but it was the content which got me selected. I will try to find and read that speech once again, it must be somewhere in my old books.

Oh ! those were the days when I used to search for decent lines from all famous books. And used o fit it in the speeches and debates. It was not that those lines were always suitable for the moment but the truth was that I knew those very few of them and I tried to fit it in the situation and impress the audience.... and it worked ! In this case also I said Swaraj but there is diifference between 'Swaraj' and 'Suraj'... but no one objected ! teachers approved it :) actually everyone loved it. Except my father, who said literally its not correct. I had an argument in my mind that if someone asks I will say that Swaraj should lead to Suraj. And during those Mughal days (when Tulsidas wrote this) as it was not Suraj neither Swaraj its okay to assume this. And when I put this as my facebook status, Anurag Sharmaji also told me this difference.

But that's how it works ! First of all it should be impressive :)