Happy New Year - 2015

Post date: Dec 22, 2014 4:35:55 PM

No resolutions because...

Most of the things that (I feel) I want... requires a process of evolution, not revolution. It cannot change overnight, but it is a delicately complex gradual process. And it's also evolutionary because we need to fit ourselves to the evolving circumstances, learn more as we learn more... who knows what! It may be completely different than I always thought.

New experiences will keep thrashing our belief and thought process... creating a ground for new. Lately, I learned that... Some keep looking for perfect people (and things) around them... assuming they are already ideal, illusion that they are better than others, while some others keep looking for removal of their own deficiencies to make everything a little better towards perfectness. I feel everyone swings on the indifference curve of these two ends. Whenever something goes wrong, the first kind always concludes that it is because of another wrong/bad people. In contrast, another type sees what went wrong, accepts, learns, and tries not to make the same mistakes again.

and.. of course, life is beautiful !

love, peace, and happiness come in as unexpected ways as does tragedies and sadness... and it always depends on which side we want to look at. ...When the sun sets on one side of the earth at the exact same moment, it rises on another side... it is not that simple because the universe is much more complex.. but phir bhi :) ...I will probably never realize if it is flukes that work better in life or planned and well-thought things... I always admit I have hell lots of randomnesses that worked and still working awesomely in my life, at the same time things that I thought can never go wrong... never mind :) :)

anyways... never say "tumhe kya dukh/problem hai !" to anyone[we never know what lies within calm surfaces and... some people can actually get hurt :)]

have a beautiful and happy year ahead...

Other happy years - :)