Happy New Year !

Post date: Jan 1, 2013 8:29:06 PM

Just another day but unique because it is start of a new year in the most popular human calendar :)

I don't make any resolutions except continue to be what I am (I admire myself :P), which includes consistent learning and keep myself flexible and changing with new logical thoughts ! So I want to be exactly as I am which is to keep changing myself.. paradoxical statement.. isn't it? - don't change but keep changing.. !

If I look back at 2012 ! What a year it has been for me... What a year ! So busy and so lost that it Looks like it was a year missing from my life's timeline yet it was a lifetime in itself.. life's best moments.. 'this' tiny close to perfection to most terrible ones, strongest and most confident to almost shattered... some moments are engraved such a way in memory that they can't be formatted in this life.. ! I am not sure about next :)