Happy New Year !

Post date: Jan 1, 2013 8:29:06 PM

Just another day but unique because it is the start of a new year in the most prevalent human calendar :)

I don't make any resolutions except continue to be what I am (I admire myself :P), which includes consistent learning and being flexible! So I want to be exactly as I am, which is to keep changing myself.. paradoxical statement.. isn't it? - don't change but keep changing.. !

If I look back at 2012 - What a year! So busy and so lost that it Looks like it was a year missed from my life's timeline, yet it was a lifetime in itself. Life's greatest moments... 'this' tiny close to perfection to what felt like the most terrible ones, strongest and most confident to almost shattered... some moments are engraved such a way in memory that they can't be formatted in this life.. !