हार की जीत

Post date: Jan 11, 2011 8:22:53 PM

'Haar kee jeet' is one of those stories from childhood textbooks which I remember very well. Especially the conversation between Baba Bharti and the dacoit Khadag Singh, in which Baba Bharti requests Khadag Singh not to disclose the event of cheating and stealing his horse. He says 'once people know this incident, they will stop believing in poor and needy'. What a classic line ! It fits to numerous scenarios... almost everyday in real life.

"मैं तुमसे इस विषय में कुछ न कहूँगा. मेरी प्रार्थना केवल यह है कि इस घटना को किसी के सामने प्रकट न करना"


"बाबाजी इसमें आपको क्या डर है?"

"लोगों को यदि इस घटना का पता चला तो वे दीन-दुखियों पर विश्वास न करेंगे"

.... well today I said to someone 'Its fine with me but don't disclose this to others... they will stop believing in hard work'. And I loved the reaction on his face :)