Guru !

Post date: Sep 10, 2013 10:06:27 PM

I love the story of Dattatreya and how he acquired wisdom from small, otherwise irrelevant things.

Someone told me that it is difficult to find a real guru in this age and I replied -

Dattatreya (considered as “the first teacher” in Nath tradition) got his wisdom from 24 teachers none of them were scholars. On the contrary, most of them were anything but a Guru - earth, air, sky, fire, sun, water, a prostitute, an arrow-maker, infant, pigeon, python, sea, moth, elephant, ant, fish, moon, honeybee, deer, bird of prey, maiden, serpent, spider, caterpillar, and water.

Anyone can be a Guru... it is the learner who learns!

Respect for all philomaths!