Google Reader :(

Post date: Nov 1, 2011 10:11:56 PM

Google updated 'Google reader today'! Till yesterday, It was the best place for me on the internet. I spent most of my time on internet reading articles on Reader - I think close to 80% of my time spent on the internet. This is the first time when I was not too fond of an upgrade by Google.

It was not an upgrade - they just killed Reader! Google team, let me tell you a thing: by killing Reader you can not make G+ a success. This is the wrong way of doing things, and it won't work. Those who loved Reader and interacted through it can never love your G+ !

I don't know what to do now on the internet... I seldom looked up on fb, twitter etc during day time.

I guess I will move to reddit along with maybe twitter and G+ but nothing can replace Reader! Nothing!

I would never waste my time on fb and twitter, but Google is forcing people to move to its rivals.

It is not just me; I haven't seen even a single decent review for Google reader kill story!