Good to have both !

Posted on 3/17/2019

It will be good to have both.

In corporate meetings, I hear this so often !

Whenever someone comes up with a new idea or a solution, generally the person who knows all the details of the problem, and explains it to the senior folks who most of the times hardly know anything about the details.

“This can be done in way X as well as in way Y, which one you this we should do”. And the answer always, well - almost always, after a slight ‘hmm’ which means well because I have no clue what you are asking, is “it will be good to have both”.

Sometimes this is so nonsensical that the person suggesting idea slowly learns to do it in his/her own ways without disclosing there is any other way. Not a management lesson, but this discourages people who think all the details and want to get a second opinion about what they feel is appropriate. A junior told me once that he stopped suggesting ideas because he was the one who ended up doing it and sometimes in the ways he didn't like... Long back, I decided never to use this phrase in my life! Like any other scenario in life, it helps to accept and not to speak when you do not understand something.