Format your life!

Post date: Dec 3, 2013 9:41:45 PM

My beloved Dell studio laptop, five years old, was my first laptop, customized both technically and aesthetically, and was also the latest model at that time. I never had any problems with it. As I am a little tech-savvy, I kept playing with it, updating OS, re-formatting, and re-installing softwares. It was always up to the speed that I needed. But lately, it started getting slower. So, I decided to give it to someone else and ended up buying an expensive MacBook for myself. Before giving it away, I copied all useful data in an external drive and did a complete format. This time, I installed bare minimum softwares. Because the person, I will gift it to, doesn't need all that 'useless' softwares that I had.

Although I also tried to keep it clean, I kept installing useless softwares from time to time. I never really used some of them, some rarely. As a result, it was never as light and fast as it is now. Not even when I first bought it. Guess what! It is running better and faster than ever. I feel I don't need a new laptop. It still looks better (and faster) than some of the laptops available in the market.

We do the same with our lives! Certain things and people are essential to us. Some are not, but slowly they become an integral part of our lives. We keep collecting useless stuff; we keep installing 'people' in our lives, needed or not, we keep some of it with us forever. If it doesn't go well, we uninstall some people quickly, and some remain there - we know we have them, but we never need or open them. Some, we know, are there but useless. Some, even not used, we know someday when we need them, will be there. Some go away because we cannot renew licenses: P, some go away only after corrupting some system dlls (leaving a permanent void in our lives), most of them damage only softwares but some can damage hardware as well :P... enough of analogy.

I wish we can format our lives like this and make it fresh and fast, keeping it to a minimum, simple and happy. But unfortunately, as I said earlier, it is not possible to format people and memories from our lives!