Finding a reason behind everything

Post date: Jan 18, 2012 10:13:56 PM

The problem, of being a strong person and having an image of someone who can handle everything, is that... you don't find a person to share your problems with !

If everyone share their problems with you, seek for your suggestion, look at you as an example... well ! at the end you are also a human being. You have your own problems like everyone else does. But even if you want to share it with someone, whom you will share it with ?!

As soon as you talk to someone they come up with something of their own. You suggest awesome solutions to them, you also momentarily forget about your own problems... but somehow... (sometimes) you stop living that life, which you suggest to others, yourself !

Being strong is good but some of us apply too much philosophy and 'how things work?' to everything around us... it makes life something else but not what life actually should be. !

not related to this but...sometimes I hate being myself, but a rare momentarily event that is :)