Posted on 3/25/2019

These days when people mention the word 'fact' and refer to so-called facts on social media and news articles, most of the time, they end up talking about something which is biased and not entirely true.

Facts and researches should be absolutely unbiased. But it is no longer the case. I see articles by so-called scholars full of facts that get rejected by fact-checking-sites, and then you realize that sometimes those fact-checking sites too are fake ! ...even after double-triple level of the fact check, these days there is no guarantee that whether something is fabricated or not. If you know a little statistics, you know you can find a sample to prove your point with data. There is hardly anything that you can call "fact” these days especially, jab share karne waale ke saare facts ek hi baat bataate hain. And if a fact is a fact is a fact then why some people always see one kind of fact vs others only another kind of facts?

... if 100% of your so called facts point to only one thing…then why do you even call it a fact?

kyonki agar share karne waale ka naam dekh kar, website ka naam dekhkar aur author ka naam dekhkar bina link padhe, every single time, predict ho jaaye ki likhne waale ka fact kya hoga to uske fact independent of ideological difference to nahin hi kahe ja sakte? tell me a single time when you (by you I mean all of us) shared a fact that was different from your ideology? I suspect you do not even read anything that doesn't match your ideology.

There are scholars/researchers/facts whose research haven't seen a single positive thing in last five years and then there are others who haven't seen anything less than perfect. Both claim “facts" ! -we see what we want to see. Fact or fabricated - but whenever you say looking at facts, Ironically, I find that fabricated.

PS: This was part of a message I wrote on a WhatsApp group. Once in a while, I do write long WhatsApp messages.