Expert of all ? !

Post date: Jul 2, 2012 8:50:52 PM

If you are an expert in one area, that doesn't necessarily make you eligible to comment and have a view on everything. Does it?

People, in general, ask experts and want to know the opinion of 'famous' people.

Most experts like to comment on every issue... Who doesn't love the status of celebrity! There is nothing wrong with it... but my view is experts/celebrities should refrain from speaking what they don't know!

It is very easy to misled ordinary people... I realized it recently when I listened to people commenting about IITs and JEE without having even the slightest idea about that system. You can be an expert, my friend, also a big academician, but that doesn't make you qualified to speak as an authority about a system you only have a theoretical idea ! or no idea at all!

...a romantic author commenting on economy !... a politician deciding curriculum of mathematics!

I even heard that we have army officers with a degree in Arts deputed in DRDO as scientists !... well.. Maybe being an officer also makes you a rocket scientist!

... and those who like to comment on everything ..they also make themselves look like a fool.