Expectations and happiness

Post date: Feb 9, 2011 3:16:23 AM

How do we decide if anything is insignificant or important? ...it depends on our expectations. Or should I say it's all relative?

No matter how insignificant something is, it feels good when our expectations are meager for it. On another hand, no matter how significant something is, we don't feel that great if our expectations were already too high.

Today I got a check of a small amount, but I feel happy because I never expected this to come. This is the return of my Income tax filed in 2008. I never expected that it would happen...

But the check went to Pune, my old office. There was no one there in Pune as the office has now shifted to Mumbai. But luckily someone took it and sent it to Mumbai ! ... and from Mumbai, it came to New York!

...a small check traveled from income tax dept to New York! each stage was challenging in its journey but... It reached! No matter how little it is. It feels awesome!