Even if its a deadlock !

Post date: Jun 25, 2012 2:46:57 AM

I believe... there is always a way to simplify things.

There is always a way to do things.. in proper way. Nothing is complicated... nature put complexity only for its own things and not for us.

If there is complexity in things we do... thats our creation and can be fixed !

But I didn't realize that, even its own creation, some problems are unsolvable ! Deadlock... dead-end. We don't know which direction to go from there... because there is no where to go. One of such situations is ...a state of self moving uncontrolled motion. ..but then - I still think there is and will be a way to do things...

Certain things.. we have to take 'as it is' and move on... because we don't have option to live in past !

With all pain, mysteries and unwanted things... Life is still beautiful. ...every phase will pass and bring a beautiful day with beautiful memories... sometimes we just don't see that beautiful day and become impatient, sad... etc :)