Dressing up

Who feels embarrassed about cloths? I realized some people feel embarrassed even about other's clothes. No disrespect, but that is a sign of low emotional intelligence. Sometimes, I think I live in an artificial environment with a close group of people who do not truly represent the society. Because I see people respecting everyone irrespective of how they look or what they wear. Really amazing people. If someone is really different, then people just recognize that as well. It's not just about making fun but also feeling embarrassed about the way someone close to you dresses, say a family member. Everyone should wear what they like, feel comfortable with and what makes them happy. (I am not going to talk about forced clothing that's a different topic, No one should be pushed with anything.)

I also like people who are confident in the way they are and not ashamed of anything - that is how the world should be.

On a different note, Its summer, and the place I live and work looks like a fashion show in summers. You just have to walk out on a beautiful sunny day. Perhaps nowhere else on the planet, you will find so many lovely people dressed so vividly and beautifully. Thus, a thought came to mind about the contrast between women vs. men dresses. When it comes to dress-design or aesthetics, what a great and challenging job women dress designers have. There is not a single possible curve in a women's body that is not beautiful, and they possibly can't miss any while designing a dress. Where to cut, how to curve it, how much skin to show and in what way, how to make the fabric maneuver over the body, patterns, colors, plus thousands of other things. I can tell you they have been doing a pretty good job. And for men? Out of a dozen, half men look like they planned to wear the same shirt on a given day! ...because in the end, it is either blue or white shirt, if it is an office. I am not even talking about shoes, jewelry, fashion etc.

Anyways, the point I had was if everyone is dressed differently, everyone is beautiful in their own way. Be proud and never embarrassed about these things about yourself or your loved ones. How many stories have you read about people from Ishwarchand Vidyasagar to Steve Jobs? Most of the time, geniuses dress awkwardly, and people with low emotional intelligence feel embarrassed about them.