Do your best !

Post date: Nov 21, 2011 1:42:36 AM

This is one example which I gave long back to my friend when he was confused whether to go for an MBA or not ! While discussing... I gave him an example... "If you are best in you field then you don't need to worry which field you are in ! Say, If you are a grass-cutter... then cut grass in such a way that every person passing by feels that someone has done a wonderful job cutting this grass field ! "

"...but what I will get as a grass-cutter? "

"Remember... I said... be best in your field... be second to none in that field. What if you get contract for grass cutting for golf courses? and do you know that number of golf courses highest in India compared to any other country ! and to add that there is less competition if you are smart and chose to be a grass-cutter ! "

I said nothing after that ! :)