Post date: Sep 26, 2011 9:41:59 AM

I always find it difficult to decide if it is good in case of some initiatives by government which is meant to do good for society. I was thinking on this option:

AC cars reflects betterment of life but unknowingly it changes the life of beggars at signal ! so do AC buses to rickshaws and autos in a city. I observed this while talking to a few rickshawallahs in Patna. There are thousands of rickshaw wallah in Patna and so are auto drivers. The change of bringing new fleet of buses for intra-city transport which everyone is appreciating is definitely for good ( I would have done the same thing) but sometimes we don’t understand (or think?) how it can effect lives of many others (Auto and rickshaw-wallahs in this case) !

Sometimes I find it difficult to decide if to use services or avoid if child labor is involved. Which one is worst - to use it or not? If you don't use it - it will just make life more miserable for those kids. If you use you in a way is supporting child labor !

to me making people jobless without a proper plan of habitation is worst ! - which generally is the case !