Differently alike !

Post date: Feb 28, 2014 6:36:05 PM

A friend to me (May 2013) - "You are in the same situation I was once. I can understand. "

Today, I said to someone: "You are a lot like I was 2 years ago. "

...at times, we feel, no one can understand what we are going through. No one has ever lived or felt this. No matter how and what someone says, we feel, it is not same as our feelings! It cannot be. "no one in this world can understand".

Then... I read books, quotes and listen to other people. ..and there are times.. when I wonder “how the hell can it be?” !

Isn't it something I would have also said? feels like someone else is narrating my story to myself. Explaining something, I once felt, was unexplainable.

According to me a good piece of writing is… when I get that feel, or when I get answer and explanation to something I feel or felt once.

Maybe our feelings are unique… in the same way each leaf on the planet is unique. The way our finger prints are unique... but then they are also as similar as two leaves and two thumbs! …somewhere, someone else has also lived our lives and feelings in a differently similar way. amazing !.