Different Times

"How are you guys holding up?" It is the new "How are you"!

These are unsettling times for everyone, in one way or another. You are lucky if you have a job, keeping yourself busy and can keep yourself in isolation with all necessities of life. In that sense, I still consider myself lucky. I am a little worried now because earlier, I worried that groceries would not get delivered at doorsteps. Now, I am a bit concerned that grocery stores might shut down for some time. Given the current situation at most online sites, it is already over-flooded and has stopped taking orders. I feel a little guilty about people who are delivering in such difficult times. Then I also think maybe it is better for them than not having to do even that! Tough times for everyone to decide what is more moral. Especially for those who have to decide at a large scale about economy or lives! Or have to make a decision - which is less harmful, which option is going to end fewer lives.

Things no longer look funny. I would have assumed that initially, the birth rate will climb with more and more people staying indoors, and then if it goes longer, maybe divorce rates… possibly corona kids will be a thing in the future! Then I also thought about the people getting bored in isolation? I find myself as busy as always, a little more working than usual, it takes more time, and is less productive to work from home. I used to go for coffees and lunch and talk to colleagues, but work from home time flies so quickly, sometimes even without getting any breaks. I bought some books too, assuming I will have some time. But they are still untouched! With work, books, conversations, movies, and walks... even without doing anything new, It feels busier than ever.

We have never seen anything like this in our lifetimes. For me, Sandy storm was the last that I saw things falling apart, but that was very different, and there was hope. In hindsight, it looks like it wasn't bad at all (although it was awful with no water and electricity, and I had to climb 47 floors a few times). I remember, Me and a couple of my friends were so casual when the curfew was announced before sandy that when stores were getting closed we were the last ones at the counter, we even went to sea side to see how big the waves are going to be ! (Crazy us!) and a police officer warned us that he would have to arrest us if we don't go back inside immediately! And when we lost electricity and water taps, flush stopped working in the washroom, batteries died in phones by the morning… we were lucky to be rescued by a friend who had electricity in his building. I have never seen such a long queues in US that I saw for ferries. It was crazy but still not scary; this Is crazy and scary.

The routine life was disturbed for a while, but it wasn't anything like this. I have never seen streets deserted and fear like this. It is scary. Everything is closed, even if it is open you don't know if you should go in! Maybe because our generation hasn't seen what it means to be in such times.

Some people called me after ages, and in its own strange way, it felt good, that when people (even those who are not in touch from last few years) see a piece of news about the city it reminds them of me.

Anyways, This shall pass too, sooner than we expect. Hang in there. Don't get bored! Have Enough things to do. Do something that you always thought you could once you get time. Talk to people if you are with someone or family. When else are you going to get such times?