Post date: Jan 20, 2014 4:16:14 PM

Couple of years back, I saved some messages, pics and few other things with utmost effort. I was traveling, had to give my older phone to someone else and didn't have my laptop with me. I asked someone, he then asked someone else to arrange a laptop and an usb internet. I backed up all the data. At that time, I couldn't have imagined deleting even a single bit of that data ! ...but yesterday, I deleted all of that forever ! ... it was not just data but things with highest possible level of attachment.. all it took was a single ctrl+shift+del. ...time changes, things change and at times, it changes so fast !

similarly, when I was graduating. I bought an external had drive just to save collection of my fav movies, books etc. Guess what? I haven't checked that disk in past two years ! The moment, yesterday when I deleted it all just with a single click, I felt like everything is meaningless ! all attachments will be deleted someday with just one click ! ...

My friend explained it to me... thats what life is. If we were attached to something, its not bad if it is gone. Things will change and its not necessarily that new will be bad. We are afraid of change... it is true that We may not have same feelings, we may not be able to replicate few emotions but then why we need to? shouldn't We be glad that we had wonderfulness in our life? For example, We were once kids, we loved it, it was a beautiful phase... but it can not last forever, it had to end... but we can not keep thinking and worrying about why its gone... thats what life is !

few emptied spaces may never be filled but then... leave it :)