I read another article about the increasing divorce rate after COVID-19 Lockdown. The article gets philosophical at some point. - If absence makes the heart grow fonder, the opposite might be true of too much time spent together in close quarters. ...The more time they spent together, the more they hate each other. People need space. Not just for couples—this applies to everybody.

I don't entirely agree, not everybody... although article ends with - Some lucky couples have rediscovered marital bliss thanks to the pandemic. "The home quarantine and social distancing has reminded me how much I love the person I married. " but even this last part is not ideal. I think it should be something like (and more) - I have always loved the person I married, and I feel lucky to have got to spend more time during the home quarantine. This is the best part of Home quarantine.

Someone told me that it seems like happy families are those where each family member has a separate life outside. I agree partially, it works that way but People have got it all wrong. I have seen families living under one roof and sacrifices people used to do. Anyways, In Bhojpuri, there is saying - "Jahan chaari go bartan rahi uhaan awaaj na hoyi? aa kangaal le janjaal niman". That puts it in the right perspective—practical and correct understanding. The saddest part of all these is increasing cases of domestic violence and child abuse; the world is really a messed up place.

I mentioned in my earlier post how people talk about kaash waqt thahar jaata and quote Suzanne Collins “I wish I could freeze this moment, right here, right now and live in it forever.” I aptly wrote in one of my posts in 2016 to such people ! - ‘ठहर जाए ये लम्हा’ कहने को तो हम कह देते हैं. अगर ठहर जाए तो कितने पल को हम झेल पाएंगे उस लम्हे को? लम्हों की निरंतरता , उसका बीतते जाना और फिर उसके बीत जाने के बाद की ‘नोस्टालजिया’ में हम जी लेते हैं. अगर वो लम्हा रुक गया होता तो बोझिल हो गया होता. दम घुट गया होता।Unfortunately, seems like thats how it works for most people.