Coolest cucumbers on the earth !

Post date: Dec 6, 2011 10:35:05 PM

I used to think, to what kind of person, we use the term as cool as cucumber. I had vague idea and some friends in my mind.

and then I met some coolest cucumbers on earth :)

No matter what happens they remain calm ! Some times it feels that they don't care but its not the case. They just put their heart as much as best professional poker players do and they care as much as a gambler should !

(actually one of the guys I know is also an awesome gambler ! )

Sometimes others go panic for them but they remain as always... cool ! sometimes it seems like world is going to end but I don't see even a slightest hint of stress on their faces. Everything goes other way and they don't seem to be caring ! Yes, such people do exist !

They are leaders in their field, they make awesome business decisions and kind of stars of industry !

If I say something like this. Some curious friends always ask: 'And you?'...

... I think I am... but definitely no where close to the coolest ones :)