Chavanni (Chaar aana)

Post date: Jul 2, 2011 2:06:46 AM

Dear Chavanni,

I heard you died yesterday. Although I have clear memories of yours but not like my elders who used to hear 'chaar aana pauwa, pet bharaua' (priced at 4 annas per quarter to fill the stomach) in village markets and fairs. You were not alone, and with you also died your friend 'barah aana'. If next generation kids listen to song 'paanch rupaiya baara aana' they will not understand what 'baara aana' (75 paisa) means. I didn't understand for a long time why 'solah aana' is used for something perfect (16 annas=Rs. 1, reflecting 100%). Because I never knew what an aana looks like, all I saw was paisa and system of 100 paisa = Rs. 1.

I have heard but don't know about many systems used in the past. Some to mention are: aana, paai, tola, masha, ratti, man, ser, chhatak, paav (I know this one), paser, taav-dasta-reem. (आना, पाई, तोला, माशा, रत्ती, मन, सेर, छटाक, पाव, पसेर, ताव, दस्ता, रीम).

Neither I know about sawaiya, adhaiya (multiplication tables in quarters and halves) etc, all I know is pahaada (integer multiplication tables) !

You are gone now, but I am sure you will always have a respectable place in museums and in heart of elders who tried hard to earn you...

many valuable things which our ancestors worked hard to make... is no more relevant or it is readily available to us!

Good bye chavanni ! Rest in peace !