Change From Within

Post date: Jun 18, 2013 9:45:43 PM

In Movie Flight, there is a memorable scene when Danzel Washington (Whip), an alcoholic, is in a hotel room on the night before his hearing in an accident case; he is there to make sure he does not get intoxicated. His friends make sure that minibar is his room is filled with only nonalcoholic beverages. But after all this… in a dramatic way, he finds a room with unlocked door, where he discovers a full minibar and gets intoxicated. I was amazed by this particular scene… To me, it carried a symbolic meaning. For any addiction or habit we can only de-addict or change ourselves from within. Outside factors, no matter how hard we (or our loved ones) try to keep ourselves away from 'those' things, will not help!

It is like… it’s better to cover our feet with shoes rather than trying to cover whole earth!