Post date: Aug 1, 2013 10:01:44 PM

I don’t know where I read it… probably on some social networking site… something like – “I met so many wonderful guys but it’s a tragedy that I became friend with all those nice guys and ended up falling in love with one who wasn’t…”.

I was thinking… can someone fall in love with a person who is not very nice person in his/her view? Or does it happen because different level of expectations is set in love which is not in case of friends? I felt the statement would have been same with other guys as well ! :)

This is a quick analogy that came to my mind -

I am an avid reader… I love reading. But did I love studying academic text books as much as I love reading other books? No ! Will I love these books if they become part of an academic curriculum? – No way :)

One affects other…

Think about it and you will find many such examples !