Can we?

Post date: Jun 22, 2012 8:09:49 PM

I lived a life... in a minute, in a day, for few years...

All of us feel that way. All of us had such moments of life time.

Now, once those moments are gone... we search for the same. We want that to continue. We always compare our present with those moments.

but then.. It never repeats itself... we never get those feelings again. It was indeed best...

(on other hand, Lambretta was the best two wheeler, best possible model for a long time.. I feel same is true for our moments. They were best for that moment only... same moments may not be best today !)

But No matter how it was... its gone. ..and anyways, We still don't have any mechanism to go back in Time. Science and physics still can not design even a complete theoretical model for traveling back in time..

So thats just not an option..

only option is.. either to live with that..

...or better: make the present as beautiful as it never was ! uff... I sound like what everyone else says.. and I hate repeating something too common. !..

Okay. Its like We reached a new peak in past... a new height of happiness, pleasure and awesomeness... now.. we can either stay back at same level

or slightly lower with those moments in memory and depressed or we can climb new heights...

you chose !

I rest my case :)