...but why?

Post date: Jan 19, 2014 11:54:12 PM

…in this infinite space-time universe, we are almost nothing!

I firmly believe that we can always be happy, live with love, and peace with anyone, if we want to. What can go wrong? (excluding financial and health issues etc.). If we can listen and tell with an open heart to bring out the truth, adjust a little, try to understand, and believe. But… sometimes, we don’t do that, or maybe we can not! Perhaps that is how it is, but Why?

I am not talking about why humanity can’t be at peace.. but at a minimal level.. with our closed ones… why people can’t live even with one person?

…at times, I wonder and will keep wondering all my life why it is like this! I probably will never get an answer, or I will never understand why if two people want to make each other happy and decide to do that - then why can’t they? Is there anything in this world that can stop them? No!

...but maybe they don’t do this the way I am thinking! Simple is not that simple. Or something goes missing on the way. May everyone be at peace :)