But now it doesn't wanna go down anymore !

Post date: Jul 16, 2015 2:27:27 AM

You know what I am going to write here, but...

This is what happened another day... We entered an elevator to go up a few floors. There was already a girl in there, and like any average person, she was busy on her phone. As anyone would normally do, I pressed my floor number, and the elevator started going up. Everything was fine to me, but The elevator girl realized that she was going down earlier, and all of the sudden elevator started going up now! Maybe she had forgotten to press the button or elevator behaved weirdly. But all I saw was her irritation. She tried many times to press the down floor buttons, but it didn't work! Forget about the elevator going down the buttons didn't even lit up. She was no more interested in her phone, all her attention was now on the elevator, but it didn't care!

I smiled and asked, 'you were going down?'

‘yeah, but now this damn thing doesn't wanna go down anymore!’

‘Yeah, sometimes it behaves weirdly has happened with me too couple of times’

I smiled and walked away at my destined floor. I said to my friend smiling- ‘Wow ! But now it doesn’t wanna go down anymore !

She asked - ‘what?’

Dekha nahin kya hua? That is how it is with most things in life, we don’t realize until the damn things and relations in our lives get out of hand, start going their way, not caring for us anymore ! by the time we realize it is too late. The lift was destined to go down; it is made for that, but see.. what happened? Get involved in something else, take things for granted, and...boom ! it is gone!

We should try to control before that damn thing decides not to go with us anymore. Because once it determines that… all we can do is bang the buttons! Kishore da ke “Kya hai bharosa aashiq dil ka. Aur kisi pe yeh aa jaaye. Aa gaya to bahut pachtaayegi tu types”

‘hmm... but tum har cheej mein theory kyun dhundhte rahte ho?’ :)