Budget vs Standards

Post date: Mar 31, 2013 11:11:53 PM

I visited the NYC auto show yesterday... It was fun to watch and explore all sorts of car models. Like most of us, the cars I liked were well beyond my income. It was not that I could not buy any of those cars, but the thing is... We generally don't aim for worlds most expensive cars anyways, but the cars we plan to buy are, usually, just a little expensive than what we can afford :) Same is true for anything.. watches, homes, furniture.. and we keep increasing our standards as we make more money.. it looks to me like the ratio of our budget vs. our standards remains constant...

I put this as my fb status - "Auto expo dekhkar laga kuchh ratios hamesha constant rahte hain jaise... Budget aur standard ka ratio. Khubsurati aur nakhre ka ratio... and so on :)"