Boring books !

Post date: Aug 23, 2011 8:04:55 AM

I don't like motivational and management books, books which suggest to become a good listener, think before you act and all sorts of similar fundas. I was suggested to read two books as part of career coaching for my new assignment. I am reading first one and... its boring !

I feel bad because I am not getting time to read other books which I want. At the same time I am reading less these days because I feel sleepy when I read something which is not interesting :)

I am not against these books, I agree to most of things which they say. But somehow I find things either trivial or things which can't be taught or changed. Many things are part of our individual personalities and can't be changed by reading a book. If we just make ourselves open to change at every stage of our life. We don't need any books because its easy to see what we need to change. All we need is look around, learn from our activities, listen to feedback from friends/colleagues and keep changing ourselves. Being flexible is key.

Oh ! does it sound like other management funda ? :)