I see people getting bored so often! With their jobs, houses, things, relationships... people change things assuming the next one will be interesting. They try to reset and look for options that they think can reboot them - "I need a break." But what most people do not realize is that most of the time it is not the jobs (people or other things) from which they need to escape, but there is something that requires an update within themselves... Lets put it this way - if a person gets super excited about a new job (or read relationship) and in six months he/she feels the same monotonicity and boredom as last one, switches again and if the same pattern follows again and again! What is common in all these? Different jobs, different people, different things - so what's the common? The point is most of the time; You do not need to escape from external elements; you are bored because of you and not because you need to go to Italy or Greece! You can't escape from yourself no matter where you go, and that is exactly what happens. Humans have this ability to construct a perception like a ring for love. Travel for mood reboot! And so people keep looking for things that they think is going to be ideal what they don't realize is the one they have is already ideal!

How can there be anything these days without talking about isolation? So coming back to that - I thought, how can someone get bored? As long as you are healthy and have a job, food, electricity, water, internet... necessities of life, and love. What else do you need? If you are still working as hard as you always do and keeping yourself busy, then it shouldn't be any different.

My heart goes to people who do not have a job, but people with white-collar jobs having all the time in the world and complaining about boredom. You should not complain! I think you are fortunate, you have got problems, but some people are going through a harrowing time. Boredom is not one of those problems. You need to change something about yourself and stop complaining!

Another angle - It's like people their happiest moments dream- kaash, waqt thahar jaata… to thahar gaya hai aajkal aur kya chahiye.? And I wonder... how the same people who dream of spending every moment with each other got already bored in such a short time?

In short,

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its about learning how to dance in the rain. - Vivian Greene.

[at least the people in my circle who still have a job and are staying home, what are you complaining? Boredom?]