Better among best

Post date: May 6, 2011 9:00:55 PM

Recently, I have been attending many meetings with a lot of sells guys, CEOs and senior executives trying to sell their models (to be clear, I am talking about Risk Models here !). All of them say 'Our models are the best on the street !'. Firm ABC says why we are better than XYZ and XYZ explains why they are better than ABC.

...but The reality is they all are more of less same. They all use same methodologies, same techniques, even same employees (everyone has a sells guy in their team who used to work with another firm for sometime) and everyone has an office in India to run their programs overnite :)

Then whats the difference? there should be a best among all these bests, better than all other bests. Personally, I feel newcomers will do better because they are trying to establish a footprint, and definitely the one who can cut the cost !