Best things may happen to you in worst way !

Post date: Dec 29, 2012 8:31:29 PM

I strongly believe that we don't control everything and sometimes certain things just happen because they were bound to happen. We can't change that. ! but that doesn't mean some stupid stuff can change that from happening ! If we can't change something no one can !so try to fix if something is wrong, if you can not.. take it easy :)

So I wrote - Kisi ne bataya hamaari grah dasha thik nahin in dino. hamne kaha - un grahon se kahna apna khayal rakhein. Hamaare chakkar mein barbaad ho jaayenge. :)

On the another note, no matter how worse situation is.. sometimes, best things happen in worst way and worst things in best way ! We never know what will lead to what in long term so.. get back to what you were doing and cheer up :)