Bata teri raja kya hai?

Post date: Jan 16, 2012 10:49:59 PM

Sometimes we try to achieve something and we put all our effort. But at the end once we achieve it... our desire for that *something special* doesn't mean much to us, all that matters is achieving it ! ...and the feeling of achievement. We don't even care what the result is... sometimes we just get filled with emotions and don't even look back of what we have achieved !

on the similar lines I thought this: Khuda ne bande se khud poochha bata teri razaa kya hai? Bande ne kaha - Kuchh nahin, Bas tumhe tumhaari aukaat dikhaani thi :-P .

Believe me, if god comes and asks what you want. Maybe I will say... sit down, I want to have a chat with you, let's discuss :)