Bad days !

Post date: Jan 2, 2014 9:40:47 PM


First incident - I was in a dilemma. I don't believe in superstition but... I tossed a coin and guess what? got negative five times in a row! (I say negative because I was in dilemma of what to do but I wanted one of these things to happen more than other). Five times in a row? - A thing called mind was blown because it started calculating odds of what just happened in a coin toss. I stopped after that.

I tried again next day (31st night) with another coin at a different place... again 5 times in a row!

If this is not unbelievable than what can be !

My interpretation - I took it as a challenge. That if there is someone unknown, controlling this, (s) he is saying "I challenge you. Do it against your heart, if you can!”

Anyways, I did what I would have always done, irrespective of those mind blowing probabilistic events. I know the chance of happening of what I wanted is as low as coin toss results, but then its life :)

That’s how my year ended. :)

Second incident: well... will sound stupid but I correlate losing stuff with something bad going to happen with me.

Last couple of years, I lost two pens, two sun glasses (one of it was really very expensive, but that’s not the issue because the pen I lost was for free!)... I think that’s all I lost in past two years… and then yesterday, someone stole the box full of coins from my desk in office! Unbelievable it is. I had this box from past couple of years on my desk, open, filled with quarters, I used to drop change because I don’t feel like putting it in my wallet. I never thought anyone will even touch it. but it was gone on the very first day of year !

Bad days coming? ! I know it’s one of those stupid superstitions like everyone does during cricket matches. So...

Who cares... but... :)