Back to NYC...

Post date: Oct 25, 2011 7:13:13 PM

I am back to NYC... Do I need to say what all I miss ? or rather can i list all those things? !

Lets think about a small issue... I always walk on wrong side of sidewalk. By default I walk on left but by the time I learn to walk on right, I go back to India... I again start walking on left and this cycle continues... This is one of those many things which I believe will never change and keeps reminding me that I was not grown up to live here but in India ! One of those things which you don't realize that it also makes you miss India more often then you think.

I am missing the uncertainty in life, more manual life and connectedness of people in smaller cities. Life here is more automated, less uncertain and people are less connected... at times looks like people are more connected to electronic gazettes and angry birds than humans...

Here, You don't need to worry and plan about small things and that makes you miss adventures of randomness and chaos of daily life.

Similar to differences as we move from manual work to an analog machine to a digital one ! it seems much better. isn't it? but somehow makes you feel lonely and is definitely boring !