A trip to remember

Post date: Aug 17, 2011 11:45:37 AM

I was in Ranchi after 8 years !

I spent a good decent part of my life in Ranchi but didn't go back once I left it. On Aug 15th I went to my school, to my surprise even after more than 10 years many teachers recognized their favorite student ! and that was a moment of nostalgia, pride and a moment to remember for rest of my life !

I missed two of my all time favorite teachers - one of them is retired now and another one got Amnesia and now living with his sons in a different city. It would have nice to see them but...

Most of the teachers will retire soon... time moves so fast ! I walked with on of my teachers to his home before coming back...

...city has changed in past 8 years... new buildings, multiplexes, roads... even school building is extended now. I went to all my favorite spots in city Jagannath Temple, book stores where I used to buy books, playgrounds where I used to go in evenings and places where I studied... most of it is changed now, some of them don't exist anymore... somehow its a strange feeling... difficult to explain.