Another Moment

Post date: Sep 23, 2012 6:06:21 AM

Back in May I wrote about a moment. I wrote it so that I can remember exact moment. and... I remember the exact moment, I was on my office desk and so on...

I had another moment today Sep 23, 2012. 1.50 AM EST. By default, I always remain happy but this was not definitely one of my best moments but I think in worst of moments we sometimes get best to remember. I try to find answer and reason to everything but at times... a lot remains unanswered... this particular state of my mind made me write this on my fb wall:

पता नहीं सफ़ेद चादर में लपेट हरे बाँस पर लिटाये जाने के बाद भी कुछ सवालों के जवाब मिल पाते हैं या नहीं ! मिल भी गए तो किस काम के?

but at this moment I had a different level of realization... talking to myself... ! in worst of my moods.. I felt something beautiful !