...and some unknown components

Post date: Dec 29, 2011 10:36:26 PM

We all have families and friends... which constitute a set of people we are close to.

Have you ever thought of 'why we love some of them more than the rest... ? why we feel more comfortable talking and sharing things with some of them than we do with others?'

A special bonding... made of respect, love and friendliness... with some unknown components all in different proportions. This bonding defines how we behave with them. I can think of many people... some of them scale more on respect others on friendliness some on love... and some... I don't know !

Strangely, we develop some relationships very quickly and very deep. We don't need to think or do anything for that... its just natural. In some cases we don't really know why !

Out of a lot of similar people we just get along with one or two ! maybe there is a reason for that but I don't think it can be defined ! at least Its not that - they always understand us... in fact, sometimes we keep explaining things which they don't understand at all ! ...but we feel comfortable explaining them...

I think in some deep relationships, unknown components of special bonding dominate !