...and some more unknown components

Post date: Jun 21, 2012 4:08:57 PM

I wrote this random piece (...and some unknown components) sometime back... I was thinking again about the same topic.

What are those qualities that attract us towards someone?... it is like eating our favorite sweet.

We know, what sweet it is, what it is made of... but then sometimes.. there are a few ingredients which we don't recognize! Sometimes we know how exactly the taste... but we still don't know what exactly it is!

Maybe it is just one ingredient or all combined, maybe its the proportions of those ingredients, or the process of making or maybe

the sweet as a whole... we don't always know!

So, this is the line that came to my mind today-

Sometimes... While eating a delicious recipe, we don't realize which particular ingredients are the ones we are loving. Same is true with qualities of some people :)