Analysis of India trip

Post date: Mar 28, 2011 5:59:23 PM

5 Nights in Mumbai:

Mode: Online, Net Monetary Expense: in USD 4 digits, Net weight lose: 2.5 Kgs, Meeting with friends: Not quantifiable - Awesome.

11 Nights at home:

Mode: Offline, Net weight gain: 3.5 Kgs, Time spent: Not quantifiable - Incredible, best possible.

2 Nights in Noida:

Mode: Almost offline, Time spent: Awesome but too quick to say anything :)

Best part was being offline with family members, the time spent feels lesser than ever. Feels like I did nothing which I should have done ! I can just miss but at the same time I am unable to recall how all those days passed... All I remember is I was happy like never before !

Now I am back to NYC... with mixed, uncertain, paradoxical feelings !