Always the same !

Like most people on the US east coast, after facing some brutal winters, I love escaping to a tropical climate. I have been to many different tropical places averaging more than once a year in the last few years. Hawaii, Aruba, Mexico, Bahamas, Florida… warm, sunny, and indisputably beautiful.

Last month we were out driving to see fall colors. The fall foliage in New England is so beautiful… the vibrant colors and mild climate. I wish I had a go pro installed on the car roof to capture it, as every frame was amazing. Somehow pictures are not that great, maybe because the view was so vibrant, and it was beautiful as a whole, not just one part of it. Mountains, trees, different colors together, and sometimes lakes. It doesn’t last forever, but who will appreciate it if it remains like that forever?

...and I thought about the beautiful tropical places, what’s fun living in the same perfect weather every single day? Aruba is the most re-visited island in the Caribbean, and the main reason (apart from being a beautiful place) is you can’t go wrong with the weather. The place has exactly the same warm weather 360 days a year! It is a beautiful place… one of the most beautiful places one can go to. But… if you live there for good, after a while, it will get monotonously boring… east coast seems to have it all – fall, spring, summer, and snow! A part of it is harsh, but it’s worth every bit! I would choose it every time over a tropical place (I told at the very beginning that I love tropical places but as always… it is complicated :) ). We need to look out to see what amazing things the grand designer (nature) creates and how it balances everything.