...almost two months !

Post date: May 6, 2012 7:51:00 PM

Time keeps changing, we change... so do our resolutions, priorities and the way we think. I don't think same as I did few years back and I am not sure I will remain same. I look back at certain things I used to say few months/years back... Now I don't agree to, some of, what I said. More I read, more and more I meet different and new people.. I open up more. I feel I am becoming more flexible... I understand things better.

I thought I will update this mini-blog daily... and now it has almost been two months ! More than a month on my uwaach blog. I haven't read many books either... what I am doing these days?... but... I feel I have been very creative and thoughtful... indeed a wonderful time. I went to India for three weeks... and had a beautiful time.. with friends and family.

Right now, I remember this line from a very famous song:

"kahin to te dil kabhi mil nahin paate kahin se nikal aaye janmon ke naate" - so true !

Hopefully I will update this space more going forward :)

Thanks for coming here.