Achievements are function of expectations

Post date: Jul 20, 2011 1:51:41 AM

Level of happiness is related to expectations so are achievements.

Here is how I realized it again today: I started going to a new gym the treadmill at this new gym is a bit hi-tech with a not so user-friendly touch screen dashboard and I couldn't understand all of it initially. So, I ignored the screen and started running with quick start function. I didn't care about time and distance...

... by the time I thought I should slow down... I realized I had already run 10% more than my normal average ! reason is simple I didn't monitor how I was doing and more importantly I didn't set a target. I didn't have a target in mind to reach... Its like flying on a limitless horizon...

...but the moment I saw these figures I started feeling tired and I stopped :)

Our minds always work in this way... and I always feel that it is better not to set ideals and targets ! We should just try to do our best.

btw, I moved to a new apartment (and that was the reason for this new gym) this weekend and this is how Manhattan looks from my window.: