a nightmare...

Post date: Jan 2, 2012 11:00:58 PM

When a scientist (or a person who believes in logic) tries to do something meaningful and gets an absurd result – it's not a nightmare. There is no such thing as an absurd result. Sometimes, results that sound completely absurd - like earth revolving around sun, apple falling from sky, uncertainty principle, theory of relativity and concept that time will move faster or slower depending on how fast can we travel! …all these sounded ridiculous at first, but they changed our lives and human civilization more than any result, which would have seemed perfect or on the lines of what we think. So what is a nightmare for a logical person? It is *not getting any result* at all.

It is like you write a letter to someone and keep waiting for his/her response... the worst, is not that you get a negative reply but it is that you keep waiting without a response... worst is * not getting any reply of a letter or a message*. If you do such things... like just ignoring someone... who might be waiting for your response, please don't do it ! That just kills some relations... such ignorance is like a deadlock... better to say 'clear no' rather than remaining silent. I have said No, a few times . [Although, I am horrible at that.]