A day without my cell phone

Post date: Nov 18, 2015 10:54:57 PM

So it happened (unintentionally)!

Difficult to imagine for those who have seen me a couple of years back. So much so that I had a sketch dedicated to me with "chhotu Chacha nomophobic" caption.

"How can I forget my phone?" - I blame it on winters, the extra clothes that I have to put on, and a few extra pockets that come with it. ...that changes the usual habit of checking pockets before I leave for office. And then it was a Monday morning as well :)

I realized once I came out of station, usual time when I put my book back in bag and look at phone. I was sure that I had left it at home so there was no worry of losing it but... I started realizing within minutes about how much I missed my phone... the habits that are now so ingrained and natural that I don't even realize it on a normal day. Habits that are so much integrated in our lives that we realize only after they are gone or when we are forced out of it. It is like on how many regular days we recognize that we are breathing?

In a way, It was fun. I noticed how, after every few minutes, my hand went automatically to that side of my desk, where I keep my cell phone. So many times! …To search for something, to reply to someone, to talk to someone. Unbelievable level of dependency!

On another note, few days back I concluded that I spent least amount of time on phone compared to everyone else in my group of friends (except one person). I can imagine how will those who use their phones many more times than me will behave if they lose or forget their phones! Maybe they will always remember, and forgetting my phone is just another sign that I am no more a nomophobic. [I disagreed with my nomophobia back then, and now I would disagree that I am no more a nomophobic. We realize things a little late! :)]

Anyways, the ancient Sages were right when they defined something called - Yuga Dharma (Dharma, according to times). Things of addiction and distraction or mediation have to have a context in space and time. In the ages of early innovations of agriculture and fire... Enlightened Rishis knew that someday different kinds of distractions and innovations would come to humanity, and they defined a General Dharma and left it on the Intellect of future generations to supplement it with "Yuga Dharma"! :)

PS: Dharma thing came to mind because I am reading too much about Hinduism these days, reading the third significantly important book on Vedas....