Happy new year 2021!

2020, What a year it was!

Wait, Not in the way that you might have thought reading the last line… actually for me it was a great year! I felt lucky and then very good things happened to me this year. Like most, I was at home for almost the entire year. As far as I can remember this was by far an extreme year in almost any sense. I didn’t even go out to the streets or supermarket!

But it was pretty good otherwise. If you had a job, you didn’t lose a loved one, and had loved ones around all the time, if you felt blessed and happy everyday… does it really matter what was going on outside? It does… but you know what I mean.

So this was a great year personally, the time was well spent, busy as always, felt lucky for several things, many things worked out in a surprisingly-unbelievably-beautiful way…not many people can say that for 2020!

Hope things change soon, Although a year is just a symbolic representation and it doesn’t really mean much when we say the new year will be different but still … happy new year!