1000 ways to die, Only one way to live !

Post date: Apr 23, 2011 7:30:15 PM

There can be numerous ways people can die, but the only way they can live! There is only one way to be born but... uncountable number of ways to die. Isn't this true in many cases?

  • The markets crash due to various reasons but goes up only when everything works (looks) well.
  • Friendship and love prospers only when people like each and everything about each other but there are too many reasons leading to a breakup.
  • While walking bare foot you are safe until a nail or stone comes in your way... you can not cover the whole way for your safety but can cover your foot and wear a shoe !
  • There is only one way to remain honest but so many ways to get spoiled by greed.
  • Only way to grow up a plant but so many ways it can die !
  • Only way to build a house, numerous ways it can be broken down !

So many examples. Only one way but challenging to be on that path. You are on that path until you are not! Once gone, it is gone; you can't be partially honest. Either you are, or you are not. Once you are not, you are not for once and always. So be careful :)

PS: I never posted a link for this mini-blog anywhere and finally I got first subscriber for this mini-blog. Whoever you are my friend, I love you :) thanks for being the first one to be interested in my bakwaas ! You are awesome :)