WTF of Indian Politics

Post date: Jun 8, 2011 1:21:26 AM

"...leaders breached the sanctity of Rajghat by dancing..." - Said one of the leaders of congress (I don't want to put name of a person with mental disorder on my space here)... but wait What exactly breached the sanctity? Dancing? or a woman dancing? WTF ! get a life, you moron ! country is just so sick of you and people like you.

"by dancing at Gandhi's samadhi, Sushma Swaraj not only insulted Gandhiji but all freedom fighters and the entire countrymen. She should resign from the post of the Leader of the Opposition and apologise to the people." well... well... you idiots don't you have anything else left to worry about.

on another note, they beat publicly a guy who tried to throw a shoe in a press conference. isn't that a crime? anyways... I don't think there is any need to point out numerous inconsistencies and ridiculous things going on in Indian politics. It completely sucks at the moment at least.