Rediff business solutions sucks !

Post date: Nov 23, 2011 5:56:50 PM

Domain hosting at rediff sucks big time. I don't understand how those frauds are still running a business. If you write them an email... they just don't reply. They are useless, unprofessional and cheaters to say the least !

...and once they reply... weeks later (after you three-four emails) all you get is stupidest possible reasons. Their tech-support is also horrible and I had to figure out things myself.

I am hosting my site on rediff from past one year. Recently, I didn't transfer my domain to other providers (even if I was getting a deal at half price) just because I was too lazy to scan my address proof and I didn't want to waste few extra minutes fixing technical issues. I should have read some review of Rediff domain hosting before doing business with them... but we don't learn unless we face it. Do we?

But now I regret it ! Not because they are charging me twice but because they charged me Rs. 100 more than what they said they are charging... and that too without informing me. It was showing to me Rs. 800 on their website while renewing for a year but when I made my final payment they charged me Rs. 900 to my Credit Card. Now, If I can pay 800 in place of 400 I can also pay 900... but its clearly a cheating ! It is @#$%^&* fraud !

When I asked them why they charged me an extra 100. They didn't reply to my three emails and once they replied after a week the reason was:

Hello Mr Abhishek

The order 6768XXX is charged 900 because of currency exchange rate.


Renewal Team

Okay. Then why don't they show charges on their websites (and on my control panel) in USD ? How the f*ck a user is supposed to know this? You ask him to make a payment of Rs. X and then charge X+Y. How can they just do this ? !

I said in my earlier post that... at the end money doesn't matter but the point is you get a feeling of being cheated and fooled !

So what can I do... definitely I will not do business with rediff in future. I have a habit of doing things my own way and even If I go to buy vegetable in market I prefer to pay more rather than dealing with some arrogant stupid fellow. So no more of rediff... not even news and I am simply not going to rediff for anything !

Will it effect them? clearly not ! but let them fool other people, I am happy with thousands of other better options.

btw I love flipkart ! those guys are awesome... and now I am looking for flipkart of domain hosting providers.

I just realized that I am not alone. Rediff actually sucks big time in its domain and hosting business. Here is another similar story.

So if you are reading this avoid rediff. Just stay away from them !